"The Panfish Special"


I'm pleased to provide an affordable opportunity to come catch a nice mess of fish for your table at a very reasonable price! 




    I use very light tackle, and we are sure to have a great time!  This type of fishing is usually excellent all year long as panfish can be caught in great numbers twelve months of the year.  If having a load of fun and taking fish home for a family fish fry sounds good to you, come join me!  In an attempt to make a guided trip affordable for almost everyone, I am offering these "panfish special" trips at very special rates.  

    These trips typically last approximately 4 hours, although we can stay longer ($25 each additional hour) if those fish just won't quit biting!  The standard cost for one angler is only $225.  For each additional fisherman the cost is only $25 more.   And if you'd prefer to fill your cooler at night under the lights, we can do that too! Night fishing can be fantastic and beat the summer heat at the same time.

    I provide all equipment, bait, ice, and even snacks and drinks!  The only additional cost would be an optional cleaning fee of approximately $35 for a typical catch.  If you want to take them home to clean, bring a large cooler.  If you'd like me to do it, bring a small cooler to hold your ziploc bags of fillets!